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New Songs | How the hell do you do that? | New Singer for DenX!

2012-02-25 16:01:25 by lhceist41

Hello Newgrounds, hello Visitors!

New Songs!

Our new Songs "Banished" and "Shadow of Mankind" now on Newgrounds!
DenX - Banished
DenX - Shadow of Mankind

How the hell do you do that? [just DenX] [DrownZ uses other Settings]

A lot of you asked me already how i do my music.
Since it's no secret anymore around here, i decided to make it public, so everyone can see what i'm using.

Let's start.

I use Superior Drummer from Toontrack (~180EU)

S2.0 Overhead
Machine Head kick (my usual kick)

Harley Benton HBB600 TBK (161EU) through POD Farm (82EU)

Caparison Horus YS (~2.800EU)

Rhythm: SoloC Plugin
Clean: POD Farm
Metal: SoloC Plugin + Recabinet


EWQLSO Silver for the pianos.
EWQLSO Gold for the orchestras.

Any Questions about Settings?
Just pm me here!

New Singer for DenX!

We finally found our singer for the DenX-Project!
Now that we got a good Bass-Guitar, and a Singer we can start rocking!
Seriously. The Singer is actually female, 17 years old, she loves Symphonic Metal and she can sing.
Good decision to join us ;)
Suggestions are welcome as always :)

Thanks for reading this.


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2012-02-27 13:31:31

Freaking awesome huh though I know most of these things outta talking to you lol


2012-03-19 13:27:21

Suggestion: Create an youtube account for your project, and post your work there. You can even post videos with "behind the scenes" content. Artists like Charlie Parra ( OR arlie+parra+del+riego&oq=charlie+parra&amp ;aq=0&aqi=g10&aql=&gs_sm=3&gs_
upl=612l6907l0l7923l15l14l0l2l2l0l537l2619l0.7 .
) made their way into the music world like that and now are releasing solo albuns.
Anyway, I hope this humble suggestion helps, Fl4m3Ph03n1x.


2012-03-24 22:49:55

@ Fl1m3Ph03n1x I don't think we need advice on how to make a Youtube account ._.


2012-03-26 16:54:12

@ Synjode: please notice my suggestion was not on "how to create an youtube acc" but "to simply create one". Personally I would like to see the project expand itself beyond the community of NG, thus my suggestion. Hell, even facebook or twitter would do, people sign up for everything nowadays (lol).
Anyway, no hard feelings, just trying to help.