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Entry #3

Remixing, modifying 'Fortis Verbi'

2012-04-12 16:05:47 by lhceist41

Hello Newgrounds!

Since i'm pretty busy at the moment with DenX, and we can't actually release any new stuff cause we don't have any, i decided to remix and modify some of my older songs with crappy quality.

So, let's go!

Some of you may remember a song called 'Fortis Verbi'.
Personally, i love this song. But i just couldn't discover why it has so crappy quality on NG.
What would you think about remixing this song to a brighter, clearer song?

I think it's a good decision!

Expect this song modified and way better in the next few days!
(Probably Sunday or Monday!)


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2012-07-27 03:32:34

I can't wait! >w<

lhceist41 responds:

Uh, yeah.
It's already out isten/481264

just saying..



2012-08-12 12:40:54

Whoever you are, you are my new hero :) MY kind of music that never gets produced. Please never stop. Also, I use this inspiration for my drawings. If you ever were interested in a private contract drawing (imaginary or photoreal) let me know! (It may be awhile, but no charge :)-Scott


2013-01-08 18:11:58

I listen to fortis verb, and a few of your other songs on my ipod. Thanks =]
a modified version would be great!


2015-08-24 23:14:03

Awesome man, can't wait!