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Hey Newgrounds.

Some of you might have already noticed that I haven't uploaded music for a while now. Well, I'm very sorry for everyone who just waited for maybe a new song.

What I'm trying to do now is just to explain to you guys what just happened and why I was so inactive on this channel for over 10 months. This post should explain the most, so let's go.

A few of you already know us as "Denx". Yes, that's our band.

DenX, a symphonic-metal band, got originally formed by me, Dennis (lhceist41). It's already been a few years since i formed this project out of nothing. Just with my plain guitar. I did not have a clue how this could possibly end up, so I just started making my own music. Around 2 years ago I found this site, Newgrounds. I totally decided to upload my first orignal song, Sepulcrum,  into this site - I really didn't expect a thing.

But as I had the pleasure to read the first comment to MY song - I can tell you it was just simply awesome.  Finally got a confirmation for myself, I'm not bad. I actually can do good music. Even if it just was 1 simple comment, I really got energized. It brought me up so hard, I can't really explain - but you all know this feeling, don't you?

Anyways, just 2 days later I've uploaded another song I've been working on before, Lurking. It took a while, but people started to comment here again, and they also downloaded my songs. That was like incredible. I was so happy.

As I decided to upload my latest song, The Legionary, something really good happened: The user Fl4m3Ph03n1x just wrote a big-ass review for this song. I just read it, and read it over and over again. THIS was the total confirmation, it was like the best thing happened to me that year. Really, this comment just helped me so much. And even today I'm reading this comment. And still I'm more than just grateful for the review. A really BIG thanks to you on this part! Also, The Legionary got frontpaged a few days after the review. Isn't that awesome? I was so happy I could cry.

Months just passed, lots of work got done.

We have worked pretty hard on our sound and everything. DenX now got a few other members, real ones. I used to do everything with computers and synthesizers, but somehow people just wrote me messages and emails asking about help. Sure! Who doesn't need help with a big project.

We grew pretty fast, I never expected things like this. Real members.. a few years ago I was just alone. Me with the crazy idea in my head to create a one-man-band. Hah!

Some time has passed and we already had a few difficulties. A singer left the band because of real-life problems, what we all could understand. A new one just joined 3 months after. Still, I can't believe it. We've been through so many shit already, good and bad things. We are still working together, having real fun and yeah.. everything just fits. Great!

At the beginning of 2013 we had finished our first real song with the new singer, The Black Sheep. Some of you guys were so crazy about it, really. Yes, it was a full success in our eyes. And guess what? We could not have done a shit without YOU. That's it! You guys out there, you are the most important thing. If there are no fans, why should a band keep going? Why should I spend time doing music if I know that no one even gives it a shot. So, guys. You are the reason we kept going. You are our fuel, without you we would not exist in that way - and that is TRUE!  

September 2013

We are on our way to the studios. There arrived, a really bad news surprised us:

A fire just destroyed all our equipment. We dont know yet what happened or even how it happened..

we just saw the scorched building in the pretty early morning as we were on our way. Well that was really a smashing moment. We all were so down at this time. Everything we have worked for just got destroyed over night. Still we cant believe it. But we have to deal with it anyway. We already burnt our money to buy a few things, such as guitars and the software we needed. Still we need a real big sum of money. 

Usually we dont beg for any kind of donations, but right now we would more than just appreciate it if you could help us out. Even really small donations do count already and helps us out very much. This is NO force, you are your own boss. If you don't want to, you don't have to.

For all who donate over 5€, we just can offer you our latest CD on a very high FLAC quality, or just plain MP3. As you wish. We have just uploaded our latest song, what we had of it, on our audiopage here on Newgrounds. It's called 'Rakota'. Like I've already mentioned above, you don't have to donate. It just would help us out to produce music again. Because actually, we have no drums, no bass.. it's just a lack of like everything.

For all who are really interested in donating: We can only accept donations via Paypal because we live in Germany. You can donate here.

In advance thanks to everyone who reads this. Thanks to just everyone who's at our side, everytime. Big and special thanks to the following guys: 

RobSoundtrack - good friend, very awesome musician. You're the best, man! 

Twisted4000 - used lots of my music for his videos, does super good animations. Thanks for advertising me! Great guy. 

Fl4m3Ph03n1x - the big-ass-review man. I will probably never forget you. Thanks for big and very detailed review!! 

ARCANGNELL0 - fan from the first minute, pretty awesome! Keep rocking man! 

SharedFate - actual singer of DenX, what else to say? Worth checking out, really.

That's it. Yeah, this post explained everything we've passed through in the past months. I hope you all are alright, we are recording new music as soon as we are able to. Feel free to comment. You also can ask stuff in comments, we see if we can answer them.

Thanks for everything and a happy christmas to everyone!

Dennis, guitarist, singer and former of DenX

Karin, singer of DenX

Lukas, drummer,screamer of DenX

Phillip, bassist of DenX

DenX - Rakota Heavy Metal Song
DenX - The Black Sheep Heavy Metal Song
Rave Into The Night Heavy Metal Song
DrownZ [Album Preview] Heavy Metal Loop

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